Message from President
Everyday we go to work hoping to provide high quality reliable products that exceed our customer expectations. It was the mindset when Kamaya Electronics established in 1957, and it is just as true today. For more than six decades in the electronics component industry, we have strived to achieve engineering excellence through state of the art product design, discipline in manufacturing, customer services and continuous effort to enhance cost competitiveness.
With our commitment to customer in mind, we aim to become a trustworthy world class leading resistor manufacturer that supports the growth in electronics industries worldwide.
President YK Chen
“Do things better & quick!“
we need to work on various things, including the following :
“ Foster global human resources to enhance our competitiveness as a company that serves a global market.”
“ Develop high-quality, environmentally friendly products that contribute to society and Earth, through emphasis on research and development as a member of the rapidly evolving electronic components industry.”
“ Ensure the safety electronics components for the automotive, industrial, medical, and communications fields through efficient production management.”
“ Offer quick and high-quality services through a global sales network in collaboration with group companies.”

Company Profile

Company data

Company NameKamaya Electric Co., Ltd.
Established October 15, 1957
Capital 499 Million Yen
Major Shareholder Walsin Technology Corporation
Business Production and sales of electronic components.
Total Sales in 2023 6872 Million Yen (Consolidated)
President YK Chen
Number of Employees(Until 2023) 131

Our History



1957 Oct
KAMAYA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. was established in Japan as a solid resistor manufacturer.
1969 Nov
Hokkaido Naie factory was established in Hokkaido and started manufacturing.
1977 Dec
KAMAYA INC. was established as a sales office with warehouse in the U.S.A
1983 Jun
KAMAYA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. entered into a new business relationship with Mitsubishi Materials Corp.
1986 Aug
Mitsubishi Materials Corp. became a main shareholder of KAMAYA ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
1991 May
KAMAYA ELECTRIC (M) SDN. BHD. was established as a manufacturer of chip resistors in Malaysia.
1994 Dec
KAMAYA ELECTRIC (M) SDN. BHD. was awarded certification for ISO9002.
1995 Jul
KAMAYA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. was awarded certification for ISO9001.
1998 Jul
KAMAYA INC. opened its San Diego sales office.
2002 May
KAMAYA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. was awarded certification for ISO14001.
2003 Jul
KAMAYA ELECTRIC (M) SDN. BHD. was awarded certification for ISO14001.
2006 Apr
Walsin Technology Corporation became a main shareholder of KAMAYA ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
2007 Apr
Head office moved to Kanagawa Science Park (KSP).
2007 Jul
KAMAYA ELECTRIC (M) SDN. BHD. was awarded certification for TS16949.
2007 Sep
KAMAYA ELECTRIC (H.K.) LTD. was established as a sales office in Hong Kong.
2011 Apr
Head office moved to Ayase-shi, Kanagawa.
2016 Apr
Head office moved to Yamato-shi, Kanagawa.
2021 Mar
KAMAYA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. was awarded certification for ISO45001.
2021 Sep
Distribution Center moved to Yamato-shi, Kanagawa.




Management Philosophy

We shall aim to be a global company that will progress into the world through supply of resistors. We shall share the joy of working through product creation and have pride and awareness as a Kamaya Electric employee, rich in individuality. We shall always have a dream and open up our future with unyielding spirit, challenging a high goal. We shall not be content with the present technology; from it we will consistently create new technology with our own hands, and continue to pursue the highest possible quality.

President Policy

Upgrading our MDPQL capability to maximize company profits.

Code of Conduct

Kamaya, ever since its establishment, has taken “Let’s target the worldwide enterprises which are there all over the world by supplying resistors” as its management principle. It has established social credibility and has been contributing in development of the society through resistors. In order to further strengthen this credibility for contributing in the society the following corporate conduct guidelines are being established and put into practice.

Kamaya will comply with the law and rules of the society.
Kamaya will supply safe and high quality products and services.
Kamaya will conduct fair and equitable corporate activities in accordance with the social norms.
Kamaya will strongly recognize the importance of managing one’s personal information and will be very careful when handling it.
Kamaya will conduct communication with the society widely and actively.
Kamaya will work for global environment conservation actively.
Kamaya will respect region, culture and customs and contribute to the society.
Kamaya will not have any kind of relation with anti-social forces.
Kamaya will promote business activities that are based on human dignity.
Kamaya will follow the principles laid down in-house and carry out our duties in good faith.

Quality Policy

"We provide the demanded product, service with continue firm trust and relief".






Worldwide KAMAYA
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